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SLO Neighborhood City of San Luis Obispo
Neighborhood Wellness

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Requesting Service and Information On-line

Requesting Maintenance and Repairs for City Property
Use this link for requesting repair and maintenance work on City owned buildings, parks or streets. Maintenance Service Request

Code Enforcement Request
Use this form to request investigation of Building and Zoning Violations related to privately owned property (such as construction with out a permit, illegal garage conversion or other substandard housing issues).   You can also contact the Code Enforcement Officer at 781-7179 prior to submitting your request so we can clarify issues and provide interpretations of the regulations if required. Code Enforcement Request

Neighborhood Services Request
This site allows you to submit a Field Investigation Request to Neighborhood Services Specialists for issues visible from the public right-of-way such as abandoned vehicles, vehicles parked on lawns, unregistered vehicles, trash, trash container storage and broken fences.  You can also contact the Building & Safety Division at 781-7180 for questions about property maintenance standards.              Field Investigation Request

File a Police Report
This site allows you to file a police report with the San Luis Obispo Police Department for items such as harassing phone calls, lost property, theft or vandalism under $400 and vehicle tampering. Police Report

Report Graffiti
This form allow you to report graffiti on property belonging to government agencies, utility companies and businesses. Report Graffiti

To Report Water Quality or Storm Water Concerns Please Call:
During standard business hours (Monday -Friday; 8:00 am-5:00 pm)-
(805)781-7215. You can also call our 24-Hour Water Pollution Reporting & Information Hotline at (805) 783-7876. You may also submit a Water Quality & Stormwater Quality Concern Form online to report a water quality concern or issue.
  For sewage related concerns (Known or suspected) please call (805) 781-7215 immediately 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

After business hours or on weekends- (805) 781-7215

For potential sewage concerns please contact (805) 781-7215 
24 hours a day, seven days a week.