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Community Development

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Council Chamber

City Hall - 990 Palm Street
San Luis Obispo, CA  93401

December 14, 2011                  Wednesday                             6:00 p.m. 


ROLL CALL:      Commissioners Michael Draze, John Larson, Eric Meyer, Airlin Singewald, Charles Stevenson, Vice-Chairperson Mary Whittlesey, and Chairperson Michael Multari

ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA:  Commissioners or staff may modify the order of items.

MINUTES:  Minutes of November 9, 2011.  Approve or amend.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  At this time, people may address the Commission about items not on the agenda.  Persons wishing to speak should come forward and state their name and address.  Comments are limited to five minutes per person.  Items raised at this time are generally referred to staff and, if action by the Commission is necessary, may be scheduled for a future meeting.

INTRODUCTION:   Introduction of Derek Johnson, the new Community Development Director


NOTE:  Any court challenge to the action taken on public hearing items on this agenda may be limited to considering only those issues raised at the public hearing or in written correspondence delivered to the City of San Luis Obispo at, or prior to, the public hearing.

Any decision of the Planning Commission is final unless appealed to the City Council within 10 days of the action (Recommendations to the City Council cannot be appealed since they are not a final action.).  Any person aggrieved by a decision of the Commission may file an appeal with the City Clerk.  Appeal forms are available in the Community Development Department, City Clerk's office, or on the City's website ( The fee for filing an appeal is $261 and must accompany the appeal documentation.

If you wish to speak, please give your name and address for the record.  Please limit your comments to three minutes; consultant and project presentations limited to six minutes.

1.   City-Wide.  GPA 77-10:  Amendments to the Safety Element of the General Plan to update the fire hazard map and revise the text to be consistent with State Fire Standards; City of San Luis Obispo – Community Development Department, applicant.  (Continued from October 12, 2011, meeting)  (Phil Dunsmore) staff report

2.   1247 Vista Del Lago.  AP-PC 2-11:  Appeal of Administrative Hearing decision to revoke home occupation permit (piano lessons); R-1-PD zone; Deborah Marcus, appellant and applicant.  (Brian Leveille) staff report

3.    955 Morro Street; 847, 861, 863, and 877 Palm Street.  GPC 30-09:  General Plan Conformity determination for the sale and purchase of property related to the Chinatown Project; C-D-H zone; City of San Luis Obispo, applicant.  (Pam Ricci) staff report

4.    2877 S. Higuera Street.  GPC 104-11:  General Plan Conformity for open space easement acquisition; C/OS-40 zone; City of San Luis Obispo, applicant.  (Neil Havlik) staff report


5.    Staff

a.  Agenda Forecast

6.    Commission


Presenting Planners:  Pam Ricci, Neil Havlik, Brian Leveille, & Phil Dunsmore





Any writings or documents provided to a majority of the Planning Commission regarding any item on this agenda will be made available for public inspection in the Community Development Department, 919 Palm Street, during normal business hours.

Text Box: The City of San Luis Obispo is committed to include the disabled in all of its services, programs, and activities.  Please contact the City Clerk or staff liaison prior to the meeting if you require assistance.

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