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Planning Commission Meeting Update

September 25, 2013                Wednesday                             6:00 p.m.


ROLL CALL:      Commissioners John Fowler, Ronald Malak, Michael Multari, William Riggs, Charles Stevenson, and Chairperson Michael Draze

                       Commissioner Larson was absent.

ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA:  Agenda was accepted.

MINUTES:  Minutes of September 11, 2013, were approved as presented.



1.     1716 Osos Street.  U 110-13:  Review of use permit request to allow a sorority with up to ten residents; R-3-H zone; Penny Schnabel, applicant.  (Brian Leveille)

RECOMMENDATION:  Approve the use permit request subject to conditions of approval.

ACTION:   Moved by Multari/Fowler to approve with modified conditions (5:1) (Riggs voting no).

2.     1635 Lizzie Court.  GPI/ER 140-13:  Review of Reservoir Canyon Natural Reserve Conservation Plan and proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration; R-1-S zone; City of San Luis Obispo, applicant.  (Bob Hill)

RECOMMENDATION:  Adopt the Reservoir Canyon Natural Reserve Conservation Plan and Mitigated Negative Declaration

ACTION:  Moved by Stevenson/Multari to adopt the Reservoir Canyon Natural Reserve Conservation Plan and Mitigated Negative Declaration (6:0).


3.    Staff

a. Agenda Forecast – Davidson provided the October agenda forecasts.

4.     Commission



Any writings or documents provided to a majority of the Planning Commission regarding any item on this agenda will be made available for public inspection in the Community Development, 919 Palm Street, during normal business hours.

Text Box: The City of San Luis Obispo is committed to include the disabled in all of its services, programs and activities.  Please contact the City Clerk or staff liaison prior to the meeting if you require assistance.



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