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Planning Commission Meeting Update

March 23, 2011                  Wednesday                             6:00 p.m.


ROLL CALL:      Commissioners Michael Boswell, Michael Draze, Eric Meyer, Airlin Singewald, Charles Stevenson, Vice-Chairperson Mary Whittlesey, and Chairperson Michael Multari 

  Commissioner Singewald was absent. 

ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA:  Agenda was accepted. 

MINUTES:  Minutes of February 23, 2011, were approved as presented. 



1.     1433, 1443, and 1445 Calle Joaquin.  GP/R/ER 70-10:  Environmental review and request to modify the Land Use Element map designation from Tourist Commercial (C-T) to Services and Manufacturing and rezone from Tourist Commercial (C-T) property to Service Commercial with the Special Consideration overlay (C-S-S) for three properties located on the north side of Calle Joaquin; America's Tire Company, applicant.  (Pam Ricci) 

RECOMMENDATION:  Adopt the Planning Commission resolution, which recommends that the City Council:

1.  Approve an amendment to the General Plan Land Use Element map to change the land use designation for the sites from Tourist-Commercial to Services and Manufacturing and adopt a Mitigated Negative Declaration (ER 70-10). 

2. Approve an amendment to the Zoning Map for the sites from Tourist-Commercial (C-T) to Service-Commercial with Special Considerations overlay zone (C-S-S). 

ACTION:  Moved by Commissioner Draze, seconded by Commissioner Stevenson to adopt the staff recommendation with amendments (6:0).  The following changes were made:  Mitigation Measure No. 9 was modified to read: “The applicant shall include sound mitigation to limit the amount of stationary noise generated by the proposed tire store at 1443 Calle Joaquin at its shared property line with Motel 6 to 50 decibels; the location and design of project structures shall not amplify noise onto the Motel Inn property.”  Condition 2.a. was changed to add truck or freight terminal and warehousing, indoor storage to the list of prohibited uses.  Condition No. 3 was modified to read: “The existing Motel 6 use at 1433 Calle Joaquin will become a legal, nonconforming use with approval of the subject zoning.  One of the special considerations with the change in zoning is that this site would be allowed to be redeveloped.” 


2.    Staff

a. Agenda Forecast - Deputy Director Davidson provided the forecast. 

3.    Commission No additional comments 

ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.


Any writings or documents provided to a majority of the Planning Commission regarding any item on this agenda will be made available for public inspection in the Community Development, 919 Palm Street, during normal business hours.

Text Box: The City of San Luis Obispo is committed to include the disabled in all of its services, programs and activities.  Please contact the City Clerk or staff liaison prior to the meeting if you require assistance.



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