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Planning Commission Meeting Update

February 13, 2013                  Wednesday                             6:00 p.m.


ROLL CALL:      Commissioners John Fowler, John Larson, Michael Multari, Airlin Singewald, Charles Stevenson, Vice-Chairperson Eric Meyer, and Chairperson Michael Draze

ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA:  Accepted as presented.

MINUTES:  Minutes of January 9, 2013, were approved as amended.

PUBLIC COMMENT:  There were no comments made from the public.


1.     667 and 679 Monterey Street.  U 43-11:  Use permit review of a mixed-use project with 23 residential units and 24,100 square feet of commercial space including a 12-unit bed and breakfast inn and restaurant pad; C-D-H zone; Michael Hodge, applicant.  (Brian Leveille)

RECOMMENDATION:  Adopt a resolution approving the use permit and recommending the City Council adopt the Mitigated Negative Declaration of Environmental Impact.

ACTION:  Moved by Commissioner Multari, seconded by Commissioner Stevenson, to continue the item to a date uncertain with the following issues to be addressed (6:0).

·    Provide complete conditional use permit findings for mixed-use projects.

·    Building D facing Monterey Street shall be evaluated for compatibility with the Monterey Street development pattern.

·    The northwest corner of Building D shall be setback an additional five feet from the property line.

·    Buildings B and E should include a design which could accommodate retail uses and use permit findings should include retail greater than 2,000 square feet.

·    The roofline on the Bed and Breakfast (north section of Building B) shall be revised to complete the pitched roofline as seen from Monterey Street.  The roof cut for the deck could remain on the creek side of the building.

·    Restaurant/Bar hours shall be limited to 11 p.m.

·    Revise the site plan to include greater setbacks for Buildings “B” and “E” from the south property line adjacent to the creek more similar to Building “C” and include greater step-backs on upper floors.

·    The brick façade of the Bed and Breakfast shall be replaced with siding or another compatible material and the brick material eliminated.

·    The paseo/walkway shall include an easement for public access.

·    The public art proposal shall be clarified and more detail provided and included in a condition of approval.

·    Affordable housing requirements shall be set as a condition of approval.

·    Explore a parking plan for residential uses (at least 1 per residential unit and bed and breakfast).

·    The use permit shall include limitations on delivery times, idling trucks, and amplified music.

·    Revise the Hydrology section of the Initial Study (page 17) as appropriate for consistency with the State Storm Water Program. 


2.     Staff

a.  Agenda Forecast – Doug Davidson presented the agenda forecast for upcoming meetings.

3.     Commission

Commissioner Fowler will be out of town for the meeting on the 27th

ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 9:40 p.m.          




Any writings or documents provided to a majority of the Planning Commission regarding any item on this agenda will be made available for public inspection in the Community Development, 919 Palm Street, during normal business hours.

Text Box: The City of San Luis Obispo is committed to include the disabled in all of its services, programs and activities.  Please contact the City Clerk or staff liaison prior to the meeting if you require assistance.



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