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 Long Range Planning

About Us

Long Range Planning forecasts future conditions and needs, identifies community concerns, and provides strategies to meet adopted goals. These strategies are used by the City as policies and standards for day-to-day decision making. Long-range plans guide the City's physical development and how the City plays its roles within the region, state, and nation. The Long Range Planning Division helps prepare, maintain, and implement these long-range plans. It also oversees the City's Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) and provides oversight to the City's Cultural Heritage Committee and Historic Preservation Program.


Plans and Projects in Process


Chevron Remediation and Site Restoration


Historic Context Statement

South Broad Street

Area Plan

Annexation Information - Airport and Margarita Areas Historic Resources Inventory Sustainability and Greenhouse Gas Inventory


General Plan

The City's General Plan, is a comprehensive statement of the City's goals and how those goals will be achieved over the long term. Policies and programs in the General Plan provide guidance on development-related issues. California state law requires each city and county to adopt a general plan that addresses at least seven topics, typically referred to as "elements". The City's elements include Land Use, Housing Element, Circulation, Noise, Conservation & Open Space, Safety, Parks & Recreation, and Water & Wastewater Management.  The City is currently in the process of updating the Land Use and Circulation Elements. 

     General Plan Map

General Plan Annual Report

Each year, the City publishes an Annual Report on the status of its General Plan and provides an overview of actions taken to implement the Plan during the previous year.


CIP Conformity Report

Every fiscal cycle the Planning Commission reviews all Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) projects and purchases for conformity with the General Plan. The 2013-15 CIP list will be reviewed at the May 22nd Planning Commission hearing at 6 pm.


1. CIP Conformity Staff Report

2. 2013-15 CIP General Plan Conformity Matrix

3. CIP Program Descriptions


Orcutt Area Annexation

The Orcutt area is now a part of the City. Here's a link to the evolution of the project, maps of the area and links to the Orcutt Area Specific Plan.


Historic and Archeological Preservation

 *New* Historic Context Statement

*New* Summer 2012 Newsletter

Historic District Signs

Historic Preservation Ordinance and  Guidelines

Historic Properties list and Mills Act Program

Archaeological Resource Preservation Guidelines

Secretary of Interior Standards

Architectural Compatibility and Historic Preservation Workshop

Cultural Heritage Committee

The Cultural Heritage Committee is responsible for researching, identifying, and protecting historic buildings, archaeological sites and cultural features, including making recommendations on financial incentives such as the Mills Act program. The Committee meets on the fourth Monday of each month, at 5:30 p.m. in the Council Hearing Room, San Luis Obispo City Hall, 990 Palm Street. For more information on these and other CHC projects and programs, contact Phil Dunsmore, Senior Planner, at (805) 781-7522 or


Sphere of Influence
The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) reviews the City boundaries and areas around the City on a regular basis as a means to anticipate the probable physical boundary and service area of the City over the long term - generally about 20 years.  This is called a "sphere of influence" review and the most current review was conducted in 2006.  See the Sphere of Influence Study here.


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