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Unified General Plan

After several months “under construction”, the new and improved General Plan is now available on line, in hard copy or on CD from the Community Development Department. The General Plan consists of eight elements, or chapters: Land Use, Circulation, Housing, Noise, Safety, Conservation and Open Space, Parks and Recreation, and Water and Wastewater. Adopted individually as separate documents between 1975 and 2006, the documents varied considerably in format, organization and appearance. The 2006 adoption of the Conservation and Open Space Element included changes to the other seven elements and provided an opportunity to combine the elements into one “unified” General Plan.

Zoning Regulations (Update:  August 2014) ( 4.26 mb, pdf)

Note: The table of contents in this document is "active." Clicking on a  heading in the table of contents will automatically load the associated page; eliminating excessive scrolling.

These regulations are intended to guide the development of the city in an orderly manner, based on the adopted general plan, to protect and enhance the quality of the natural and built environment, and to promote the public health, safety and general welfare by regulating the use of land and buildings and the location and basic form of structures.

Zoning Map (6 mb, pdf)

This is the City's zoning map last updated March 2012.  For the most current version, visit the Community Development Department at 919 Palm Street for the City's "Official Zoning Map". This map provides basic zoning information for the entire City. For parcel specific information including address lookup, local business, zoning and aerial photos see the City's Interactive Maps (Select "interactive map applications" for the City's parcel viewer).

Subdivision Regulations (2.46 mb, pdf)

These regulations cover all aspects of the process of subdividing property including commercial and residential properties, condominiums, and all other types of subdivisions. In addition to new application and processing requirements, the new regulations give additional flexibility to common interest subdivisions and allow for smaller standard lot sizes in all multi-family residential and office districts. This version covers the latest updates that regulate commercial airspace subdivisions.

Sidewalk Dining (3.33 mb, pdf)

Sign Regulations (993 kb, pdf)

In the on-going efforts to improve and update the City's Municipal Code, the Community Development Department has recently completed an update of the City's Sign Regulations. The goals of this update are to develop defensible regulations, identify a palette of sign types, expand on design guidelines and create a user friendly document. An overhaul of the sign standards for the various zoning districts was not a part of this update. These revised sign regulations took effect on October 7, 2004.

General Plan Land Use Element Map (1Mb, pdf)

This is the City's Land Use Element Map, as amended through March 2, 2010. The map classifies property by the land use designations established in the text of the City's General Plan. The map forms the basis for how a property will be zoned and subsequently developed or conserved.

2012 Annual Report on the General Plan  (516k, .pdf)

Each year, the City publishes an Annual Report on the status of its General Plan and provides and overview of actions taken to implement the Plan during the past year.  This report is provided to help citizens and City officials gauge progress towards achieving the City's stated goals and objectives.  The Annual Report fulfills the requirements of State law, and the General Plan itself, which call for an annual report.  

Community Design Guidelines (7.86Mb, pdf)

The Community Design Guidelines are intended to describe and inform project designers and applicants of the City's expectations and preferences for the quality and character of new development.  In addition to assisting project designers and developers these guidelines are considered by the Architectural Review Commission as a basis for evaluating the suitability and appropriateness of individual project design and to help achieve attractive and environmentally sensitive development. 

City of SLO Municipal Code (211 kb, pdf)

The link above will take you to an interactive version of the City's Municipal Code.  The list below includes sections of the Municipal Code that relate directly to the City's property development standards.  Once the Municipal Code launches, you can navigate to these sections for specific information on these planning related topics.  The Municipal Code is updated periodically by the City Clerk.

  • Chapter 12.38 - Parking and Driveway Standards
  • Chapter 16 - Subdivision Regulations
  • Chapter 17 - Zoning Regulations

Margarita Area Specific Plan  (4.95 Mb, pdf)

The Margarita Area is located in the southern part of the City and is bounded by South Higuera Street, Broad Street, Tank Farm Road, and the ridge of the South Hills.  The plan provides a comprehensive land use program for the planning area along with development standards to guide future public and private actions relating not only to physical development, but also the conservation of open space and natural resources.  This is the final document, which was approved by the City Council on October 12th, 2004. 

Orcutt Area Specific Plan

The newest addition to the City (Annexed November 16, 2011) The Orcutt Area is located along the southwestern edge of the city limits of San Luis Obispo. The Orcutt Area encompasses 230 acres of land at the base of Righetti Hill. The specific plan outlines a conceptual pattern for how open space, trails, parks, and future housing development should occur in this expansion area.

Airport Area Specific Plan (New for 2014) (8.0 Mb, pdf)

The Airport Area includes 1500 acres of land adjacent to the San Luis Obispo Regional Airport.  The specific plan was adopted by the City Council in August 2005.  Plans to annex much of the area are underway.  The Specific Plan provides for areas of industrial development, business parks, open space and agriculture.  The guidelines and standards contained in the specific plan are compatible with airport operations and are intended to compliment the ongoing use and expansion of the regional airport.

Airport Compatible Open Space Plan

Mid Higuera Enhancement Plan

Railroad District Plan

Downtown Concept Plan

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