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San Luis Obispo Cultural Heritage Committee

Council Hearing Room (Room 9)

990 Palm Street, San Luis Obispo

August 22, 2011                                Monday                                        5:30 p.m.

ROLL CALL:      Committee Members Hemalata Dandekar, John Fowler, Jaime Hill, Buzz Kalkowski, Bob Pavlik, Vice-Chair Enrica Costello, and Chair Jeff Oliveira 

STAFF:                Phil Dunsmore, Senior Planner

PUBLIC COMMENT:  At this time, people may address the Committee about items not on the agenda.  Items raised are generally referred to staff and, if action by the Committee is necessary, may be scheduled for a future meeting. 

The action of the CHC is a recommendation to the Community Development Director, another advisory body, or City Council and, therefore, is not final and cannot be appealed.  

MINUTES:  Minutes of July 25, 2011, regular meeting.  Approve or amend.  


1.    City-Wide.  CHC 48-11; Continued study session to review a program for updating the City's Historic Resource Inventory; City of San Luis Obispo – Community Development Dept., applicant.  (Phil Dunsmore) staff report


2.    Staff 

a.  Agenda Forecast

b.  Discussion regarding water and sewer rate impacts to landscaping on historic properties (Carrie Mattingly, Utilities Director) 

3.    Commission 



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