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Cultural Heritage Committee Meeting Update

October 22, 2012                         Monday                                           5:30 p.m.

ROLL CALL:     Committee Members Thom Brajkovich, Hemalata Dandekar, Jaime Hill, Buzz Kalkowski, Patti Taylor, Vice-Chair Bob Pavlik, and Chair Enrica Costello                             

                       Committee Members Kalkowski and Dandekar were absent. Chairperson Costello arrived at 5:45 p.m. 

STAFF:                Senior Planner Phil Dunsmore and Deputy Community
                       Development Director Doug Davidson


Barry Price, Applied Earthworks, presented a copy of the book “A glimpse of Victorian life in San Luis Obispo, California to the CHC for incorporation into the CHC library.  The book was prepared by Wendy Nettles as part of the Archaeology for the Marsh Street Garage expansion project. 

ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA:  Agenda was accepted as presented. 

MINUTES:  Minutes of September 24, 2012, were approved with modifications.


1.     736 Higuera Street.  ARC 57-12; Conceptual review of a remodel to the Master List Carrisa building as part of the proposed SLO Brewing Company relocation project; C-D-H zone; San Luis Downtown Management, applicant. (Marcus Carloni) 

RECOMMENDATION:  Provide direction to the applicant and staff on the proposed rehabilitation of the Master List Carrisa building and continue the item to a date uncertain. 

ACTION:  Moved by Pavlik /Taylor to continue the item to a date uncertain with the applicant to provide the following: 

1.  Provide historic analysis from a qualified historian on the wood clad additions at the rear of the building

2.  Maintain existing historic features on the building and adapt use to fit these features

3.  Maintain existing skylights in original (or close to) original locations

4.  Coordinate any storefront changes with designs, styles, and materials that are historically appropriate (5:0). 


2.    Staff 

a. Agenda Forecast – Staff presented an agenda forecast for the November meeting. 

b.  Budget Workshop – Goal Setting for 2013-2015 Financial Plan 

Staff discussed the goal-setting process and budget goals.  The CHC proposed the following goals for 2013-2015:

1) With the assistance of a consultant, complete the Historic Context Statement and, as time and resources are available, consider updates to the Historic Preservation Program Guidelines to incorporate the context statement.

2)  Continue historic resource survey efforts

3)  Examine boundaries of existing historic districts (following completion of context statement) to determine if amendments are needed.

4)  Focus efforts on the preservation of the La Loma adobe and seek grants and grass roots efforts to support this effort.  Assign this effort to a specific City department outside of administration such as Community Development or Natural Resources.

ADJOURNMENT – Meeting adjourned at 7:20 p.m.



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