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Cultural Heritage Committee Meeting Update

September 24, 2012                       Monday                                       5:30 p.m.

ROLL CALL:        Committee Members Thom Brajkovich, Hemalata Dandekar, Jaime Hill, Buzz Kalkowski, Patti Taylor, Vice-Chair Bob Pavlik, and Chair Enrica Costello

                        Committee Member Kalkowski was absent; Committee Member Hill recused herself from item 1 due to a conflict of interest.

STAFF:                 Senior Planner Phil Dunsmore, Associate Planner Brian
                        Leveille, Engineer III Michael McGuire, and Recording
                        Secretary Dawn Rudder

PUBLIC COMMENT: There was no public comment.

ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA:  Agenda was accepted as proposed.

MINUTES:  Minutes of August 27, 2012, were approved as amended.


1.     1404 Chorro Street.  ARC 76-12; Review of four-unit condominium project; R-4-H zone; Koru Trust, applicant.  (Brian Leveille)

         RECOMMENDATION:  Recommend the Architectural Review Commission find the proposed residential units and site improvements consistent with the Historic Preservation Program Guidelines and approve the project subject to conditions.

         ACTION:  Moved by Pavlik/Dandekar to continue the item to a date uncertain with the following recommendations:

1.  Greater variation in roof angles and planes

2.  Deeper roof eaves and articulation such as exposed rafters

3.  A more open balcony railing design

4. Increased wall offsets and rounded forms to provide additional horizontal articulation;

5.  Further screening techniques for the podium base such as rock facing and/or landscape screening such as vine planting, or the use of additional earthwork to conceal walls;

6.  Attention to fenestration – windows more in proportion to wall surfaces with some divided lights and arch forms and details of sills and surrounds; and

7. Details of architectural features such as chimney flues, downspouts, and columns.

In general, the CHC felt that the project needed to address the street more and that the podium parking and associate walls were too dominant of a site feature at the street level.  (4:1) Costello.

2.    1095 Marsh Street.  CHC 103-12; Review of Marsh Street bridge replacement project; C-D zone; City of San Luis Obispo – Public Works Department, applicant. (Phil Dunsmore)

RECOMMENDATION:  Recommend the Cultural Heritage Committee give concurrence to the complete replacement of the Marsh Street Bridge.

ACTION:  Moved by Hill/Taylor to approve complete reconstruction of the bridge as proposed by staff with amendments to the Resolution to include conditions for preparing CEQA documentation. (6:0).


3.     Staff

a. Staff provided an agenda forecast for the upcoming October hearing.

4.     Committee


Meeting adjourned at 8 p.m.






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