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Cultural Heritage Committee Meeting Update

July 22, 2013                                Monday                                           5:30 p.m.

ROLL CALL:      Committee Members Sandy Baer, Thom Brajkovich, Jaime Hill, Patti Taylor, Victoria Wood, Vice-Chair Hemalata Dandekar, and Chair Bob Pavlik 

STAFF:                Phil Dunsmore, Senior Planner 

PUBLIC COMMENT:  Former Committee Member Buzz Kalkowski discussed potential efforts toward creating a sub-committee or volunteer group designed to support funding and resource allocation for the restoration and re-use of the La Loma adobe.  He asked for the CHC’s support in this effort.  


MINUTES:  Minutes of June 24, 2013, were approved as written. 


1.    1144 Buchon Street.  CHC 106-12; Request to add a Contributing property to the Master List of Historic Resources; R-2-H zone; Chris Hoover, applicant.  (Continued to August 26, 2013, CHC meeting)  (Brian Leveille) 

RECOMMENDATION: Approve the applicant’s request and continue the item to the CHC meeting of August 26, 2013. 

ACTION:  The CHC did not take a formal action, but continued the item to August 26, 2013. 

2.    863 Pacific Street.  CHCMA 139-12; Request to modify a Mills Act contract for the Master List “Zion Lutheran Church” Parsonage building; O zone; Cayucos Cowboys, LLC, applicant.  (Rachel Cohen) 

RECOMMENDATION:  Recommend the City Council approve a Mills Act contract for 863/867 Pacific Street to include both the Church and Parsonage building. 

ACTION:  Moved by Hill/Baer to approve the Mills Act contract and add a finding to clarify that DPR form would be modified to describe Parsonage building (7:0). 

3.    City-Wide.  CHC 31-12; Review of outline and progress report for the Historic Context Statement project; City of San Luis Obispo – Community Development Dept., applicant.  (Phil Dunsmore) 

RECOMMENDATION:  Recommend the CHC take testimony and provide feedback on the context statement.

ACTION:  The item was continued to a date uncertain (no formal action. 


4.    Staff 

a.  Staff provided an update on the upcoming July 29th hearing date.  

5.    Committee 

Committee members asked why a plaque had not been installed on the Anholm Residence on north Chorro Street.  


Meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.


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