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Cultural Heritage Committee Meeting Update 

January 28, 2013                         Monday                                           5:30 p.m.

ROLL CALL:      Committee Members Thom Brajkovich, Hemalata Dandekar, Jaime Hill, Buzz Kalkowski, Patti Taylor, Vice-Chair Bob Pavlik, and Chair Enrica Costello

                              Vice-Chair Bob Pavlik was absent.

STAFF:                Senior Planners Phil Dunsmore and Pam Ricci, Assistant Planner Marcus Carloni, and Recording Secretary Dawn Rudder

PUBLIC COMMENT:  There were no public comments.

ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA:  The agenda order was not modified.

MINUTES:  Minutes of December 17, 2012, were approved as presented.


1.     75 Higuera Street.  ARC 108-12; Review of new storefront windows along the Higuera frontage of the Pacific Coast Center; C-S-MU zone; SLO PCC, LP, applicant.  (Pam Ricci)

RECOMMENDATION:  Adopt the Draft Resolution, which recommends approval of the project to the Architectural Review Commission, based on findings and subject to conditions.

ACTION:  Moved by Taylor/Kalkowski to recommend approval of the project, based on findings and subject to conditions, with amended wording for Condition No. 2 as follows:  The proposed new storefront windows shall be modified to lower the head of the windows so that they are smaller in scale and more proportional to the building wall.  The ARC shall determine the appropriate grid detail for windows. (5:1:1 [Hill voting no]).

2.     736 Higuera Street.  ARC 57-12; Review of a remodel to the Master List Carrisa building as part of the SLO Brewing Company relocation project; C-D-H zone; San Luis Downtown Management, applicant.  (Marcus Carloni)

RECOMMENDATION: Recommend approval of the project to the Architectural Review Commission based on findings of consistency with the Secretary of the Interior's Standards and Historic Preservation Program Guidelines, and subject to conditions of approval.

ACTION:  Moved by Dandekar/Hill to recommend approval of the project, based on findings, and subject to conditions, with an added condition for the ARC to review alternate design possibilities for the rear staircase that will be compatible with the scale of the building and with the transition to the public creek-walk area. The staircase design should consider added symmetry while increasing the visibility of the building's brick façade (6:0).

3.     1300 Bishop Street.  CHC 2-13; Review of Terrace Hill for placement on the Contributing List of Historic Resources; R-1-PD zone; Buzz Kalkowski (CHC), applicant.  (Phil Dunsmore)

RECOMMENDATION:  Recommend the City Council add Terrace Hill to the Contributing Properties List of Historic Resources.

ACTION:  Moved by Brajkovich/Taylor to recommend the City Council add the Terrace Hill property at 1300 Bishop Street to the Contributing List of Historic Resources (5:0) (Kalkowski recused himself due to a conflict of interest).


4.    Staff

a.  Staff noted the Mills Act properties and the property at 868 Chorro Street moving forward at the February 25th CHC hearing.

5.    Committee

CHC members discussed the Barneberg House and the desire to have staff report to the CHC on the level of improvements to historic properties that should be reviewed by CHC or at a staff level.


Meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m.



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