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Cultural Heritage Committee Meeting Update

January 23, 2012                         Monday                                           5:30 p.m.

ROLL CALL:      Committee Members Hemalata Dandekar, John Fowler, Jaime Hill, Buzz Kalkowski, Bob Pavlik, Vice-Chair Enrica Costello, and Chair Jeff Oliveira

                        Committee Member John Fowler was absent.

STAFF:                Senior Planner Phil Dunsmore, Associate Planner James David, and Recording Secretary Anu Dhaliwal

PUBLIC COMMENT:  There was no public comment.

MINUTES:  Minutes of December 19, 2011, were approved as amended.


1.    City-Wide.  GPI 71-09; Status update and review of the Draft Climate Action Plan; City of San Luis Obispo, applicant.  (James David)

        RECOMMENDATION:  Review draft Climate Action Plan and public feedback and provide comments as appropriate to cultural preservation issues.

        ACTION:  No formal action was taken. The Committee provided comments on the draft plan.

2.     City-Wide.  CHC 48-11; Continued review of updates to the Historic Resources Inventory; City of San Luis Obispo, applicant.  (Continued from December 19, 2011, meeting)  (Phil Dunsmore)

RECOMMENDATION:  Receive public and Committee testimony, continue discussing survey results, and continue the item to the regular February CHC hearing.

ACTION:  No formal action was taken.  The Committee reviewed properties for potential nomination to the historic resources inventory and provided comments to staff.


3.    Staff

a.  Staff provided an update on the CLG status and informed the CHC of an upcoming study session on historic preservation at the City Council meeting on February 7th.

b.  Agenda Forecast:  Staff mentioned that the historic resources inventory would continue into February and March and that the property at 1225 Pismo Street would be evaluated by the CHC in February for placement on the Master List.

4.    Committee
Committee Member Kalkowski provided updates on his research efforts within the east railroad area, the Sunset Drive-In, Terrace Hill, and the property at 117 Longview.  He suggested that the CHC visit the property at 117 Longview for potential nomination to the list of historic resources.

The Committee voted 6-0 (Motion by Pavlik, second by Costello) to request staff evaluate whether a CHC field trip could be organized to view the property at 117 Longview or whether the CHC could just visit the property on an individual basis. Staff will communicate with the CHC on this prior to the February CHC hearing.


The meeting adjourned at 7:37 p.m.



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