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Architectural Review Commission Meeting Update
Regular Meeting

November 7, 2011                        Monday                                     5:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL:      Commrs. Ken Curtis, Suzan Ehdaie, Steven Hopkins, Michelle McCovey-Good, Greg Wynn, Vice-Chair Jim Duffy, and Chairperson Anthony Palazzo

                        All of the Commissioners were present.

ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA:  Accepted as presented.

MINUTES:  Minutes of October 17, 2011 - were approved as prepared.


There was no public comment other than on regular agenda items.


1.    392 and 408 Prado Road.  ARC-C 79-11; Final review of different housing types for Tracts 2342 and 2353; R-1-SP, R-2-SP, & R-3-SP zones; MD2 Communities, Inc., applicant.  (Pam Ricci)

RECOMMENDATION:  Adopt the Draft Resolution, which grants final approval to the house designs, based on findings and subject to conditions.

ACTION:  Moved by Vice-Chair Duffy, seconded by Commr. McCovey-Good, to adopt the resolution to grant final approval of the house designs (7:0).  The Commission included the following amendments:

New wording for Finding No. 6: A minor exception to the Margarita Specific Plan Area's 10-foot side yard setback for a two-story building to allow an 8-foot setback for the second story of Plan 5 on 40-foot lots, and for the second-story of Plan 1 on 40-foot lots and also on 60-foot lots with a rear garage accessed from the street, is supported since it is consistent with setback standards in the Zoning Regulations and adds to the interest and articulation of building elevations.

New wording for Condition No. 3:  The repetition of any elevation type shall not occur more than twice in any four lots.  When two of the same elevations are used within a four-lot range, they shall vary in color palette.  The developer shall maintain an exhibit which is updated each time a particular plan and elevation is selected for a lot to insure that this requirement is satisfied.

New wording for Condition No. 5:  Mailbox kiosks shall be placed in an easement outside of the street right-of-way unless otherwise approved by the City Community Development and Public Works Directors.  The final number of kiosks needed and their locations shall be approved by the United States Postal Service and the City Community Development and Public Works Departments. A separate building permit shall be obtained for the kiosks prior to installation and shall include structural analysis, details, and complete site/utility plan.  Any features of the kiosks that extend over the public sidewalk shall be a least 8 feet above the walking surface.

New wording for Condition No. 7:  Based on Finding No. 6, an 8-foot setback for the second story of Plan 5 on 40-foot lots, and for the second story for Plan 1 on 40-foot lots, and also on 60-foot lots with a rear garage accessed from the street, is approved.

The following new conditions:

The development of new homes on Lots 17, 50, & 51 shall be limited to single-story development.

The development of new homes on Lots 7 & 8 shall take into account the location of the large, mature tree on the adjacent property at 375 Margarita Avenue.

As called for in the Margarita Area Specific Plan, any occupied structure over 13- feet tall shall be set back a least 20 feet from the property lines of lots in El Camino Estates.

Development of lots in VTM #2353 adjacent to El Camino Estates or the proposed VTM #2428 where pad elevations differ by four or more feet shall be limited to single-story development and increased rear yard setbacks as called for in the Margarita Area Specific Plan or equivalent design techniques that maximize privacy protection for the adjacent lot as approved by the Architectural Review Commission.

Two neighbors spoke at the meeting.  Sterling Van De Moortel noted that the tract grading had raised the level of the land.  He requested that the homes along the west side of Tract 2342 be limited to single-story development.  Roberta Dengate noted that her house would be surrounded on two sides by proposed development.  She requested that the new houses selected for those adjacent lots take her house location into consideration to minimize impacts.


2.    Staff:

a.  Agenda Forecast – Pam Ricci provided a forecast for upcoming agendas.

3.     Commission:

The Commission had a general discussion about changes in the tenants within buildings in the downtown.  Steve Hopkins mentioned that he was disappointed with the signage installed for Eureka Burger at the corner of Marsh and Chorro Streets finding that its design did not coordinate that well with the building architecture.


The meeting was adjourned at 7:15 p.m.


Any writings or documents provided to a majority of the Architectural Review Commission regarding any item on this agenda will be made available for public inspection in the Community Development Department, 919 Palm Street, during normal business hours.

Text Box: The City of San Luis Obispo is committed to include the disabled in all of its services, programs and activities.  Please contact the City Clerk or staff liaison prior to the meeting if you require assistance.

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