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Architectural Review Commission Meeting Update
Regular Meeting

June 19, 2013                               Monday                                     5:00 p.m.

ROLL CALL:      Commrs. Ken Curtis, Suzan Ehdaie, Steven Hopkins, Anthony Palazzo, Greg Wynn, Vice-Chair Michelle McCovey-Good, and Chairperson Jim Duffy

Chairperson Duffy and Commissioners Ehdaie & Hopkins were absent. Vice-Chair McCovey-Good took over the Chair's duties for this meeting.

ACCEPTANCE OF AGENDA: Agenda was accepted.

MINUTES:  Minutes of May 6, 2013, & May 20, 2013, were approved as prepared.


There was no public comment other than on regular agenda items.


1.     12350 Los Osos Valley Road.  ARC 124-12; Review of a 26-foot tall illuminated entry feature, 1,200 square foot addition, new signage, and façade upgrades for the Toyota dealership; C-S-S zone; John Frangie, applicant.  (Continued to a date uncertain)  (Marcus Carloni)

RECOMMENDATION:  Continue to a date uncertain to allow the applicant further time to review the project's consistency with City regulations.

ACTION:  Moved by Commr. Palazzo, seconded by Commr. Curtis, to continue the project to a date uncertain, as requested by the applicant (4:0).

2.      720 Foothill Boulevard.  ARC 56-13; Review of a proposal to construct a 7,100 square foot structure for a fraternity use; R-4 zone; Alpha Upsilon Alumni Corp., applicant.  (Brian Leveille)

RECOMMENDATION:  Adopt the Draft Resolution which grants final approval to the project, based on findings, and subject to conditions.

ACTION:  Moved by Commr. Palazzo, seconded by Vice-Chair McCovey-Good (with Commr. Wynn voting no), to adopt the draft resolution granting final approval to the project as recommended with the following modifications to conditions (3-1):

1.     Add a new sentence to the end of Condition No. 1, which reads: “Significant changes to the exterior building design to respond to potential structural and/or exiting issues shall return to the ARC for review and approval.”

2.     Modify the second sentence of Condition No. 2 to read: “Plans shall clearly note that all stucco surfaces are not a sprayed-on product and have a finish similar to the adjacent project to the east to the satisfaction of the Community Development Director.”

3.     Add a new condition, which reads: “Plans submitted for construction permit approvals shall show the siding wrapped on all four sides of the building so as to not terminate at any exterior corner.  Plans shall also show the porch details to be consistent with those of the adjacent property to the east.”

4.     Add a new condition, which reads:The required fire riser shall be located internal to the building and have complying access to the approval of the Fire Marshal and the Community Development Director.”

5.     Modify the second sentence of Condition No. 12 to read: “The current City and ADA standard requires a level four-foot sidewalk extension behind the driveway ramp and palm trees.”

6.     Add a new condition, which reads: “The trash staging area in the street yard shall be screened with landscaping or combination of landscaping and a low fence to the approval of the Community Development Director.”


3.    Staff:

a.  Agenda Forecast – Pam Ricci provided a forecast for upcoming agendas.  She brought up the idea of having a Commission field trip in the near future to look at some recently constructed residential projects, which the ARC supported.

4.     Commission: There were no specific communications to report.


The meeting adjourned at 6:45 p.m.


Any writings or documents provided to a majority of the Architectural Review Commission regarding any item on this agenda will be made available for public inspection in the Community Development Department, 919 Palm Street, during normal business hours.

Text Box: The City of San Luis Obispo is committed to include the disabled in all of its services, programs and activities.  Please contact the City Clerk or staff liaison prior to the meeting if you require assistance.


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