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Margarita Area and Airport Area Annexation Information

On May 1, 2007, the City Council approved Resolution #9896 authorizing an application to the Local Agency Formation Commission for annexation of 620 acres of land in the Margarita Area and Airport Area.

A map showing the proposed boundaries for this phase of the annexation can be reviewed here.

This web page will serve as a repository for all of the information associated with the annexation process including background information, staff reports and public comment.  This web page will also include notification of public hearings and other key dates in the process.  The documents listed below are available for review now and include detailed information about the annexation areas, such as zoning, allowed uses, development standards, and design guidelines. 

Next Steps

The Local Agency Formation Commission has accepted the City's application for annexation of the Airport Area and Margarita Area.  The boundary map and legal description has been accepted as complete and accurate and the LAFCO hearing is schedule for April 17, 2008.  For more information, follow this link to LAFCO.

Annexation Related Information

City Council Resolution No. 9896

Council Agenda Report (5-1-2007)

Planning Commission Agenda Report (3-28-07)

Initial Study and Mitigated Negative Declaration of Environmental Impact

City Council Agenda Report (2-20-07)

Proposed Annexation Boundaries

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Margarita Area Specific Plan and Zoning Map

Airport Area Specific Plan and Zoning Map

Final EIR for the Airport Area & Margarita Area Specific Plans:

Part 1 (2.23MB, pdf); Part 2 (6.21MB, pdf); Part 3 (1.99MB, pdf)

This final environmental impact report (EIR) identifies and assesses the anticipated environmental impacts of the City's proposed Airport Area and Margarita Area Specific Plans and related facilities plans, including the Water System Master Plan, Wastewater Master Plan Update, and Storm Drain Master Plan.  

This document contains the full text of the draft EIR, with minor changes shown as text that is struck out (deleted) or underlined (added) in response to comments or for clarification purposes.

No Property Owner Fees Associated With Annexation

Please remember that there are no fees associated with the first phase of this annexation process.  The City of San Luis Obispo is covering all of the processing costs associated with this one-time “group” annexation.  And, there are no required infrastructure or “buy-in” fees until new development is proposed (and even then, fees are only based on new floor area).  If you have any questions about costs associated with future development, you are encouraged to contact us.

For questions about annexation please contact:  Kim Murry, Deputy Director, at (805) 781-7274 (

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