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About the Department

The City Manager is responsible for providing policy advice and guidance to the City Council, implementing Council adopted policies, goals and objectives, and overseeing operations and the City’s use of public resources. Key department goals include:

  • Supporting informed public decision-making
  • Assuring responsive and effective service delivery
  • Promoting the City’s long term financial health
  • Providing leadership for City staff

Department Staffing

The department is staffed by the following positions:

City Manager Katie Lichtig 805-781-7114
Assistant City Manager Michael Codron 805-781-7112
Principal Administrative Analyst James David 805-781-7151
Economic Development Mgr Lee Johnson 805-781-7164
Natural Resources Manager Robert Hill 805-781-7112
City Clerk Anthony J. Mejia 805-781-7102
Deputy City Clerk Heather Goodwin 805-781-7103
Tourism Manager Molly Cano 805-781-7165
Biologist Freddy Otte 805-781-7511
Administration Assistant Shannon Sims 805-781-7123
Administrative Assistant Kate Kremke 805-781-7104

City Departments Supervised by the City Manager

With the exception of the City Attorney’s Office, the City Manager provides supervision over all City departments, including:

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