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Community Historic Records Preservation Project

Saving Yesterday For Tomorrow


As one of the oldest of California settlements, San Luis Obispo has a rich and varied history.  Stored in the City vault are records over 150 years old. The City’s earliest minutes, ordinances, resolutions, land applications, letters, and library minutes are just some of the historical treasures.

All are in danger of deterioration and will eventually be lost without the help of our community.

The Saving Yesterday for Tomorrow project reaches out to the community to ensure future generations will have access to these records. In fact, after preservation, these documents and books will be even more accessible than in their present state.

Not only will professional preservation extend the life of each book or record…virtually forever…but all will be digitalized and made accessible for investigation into the City’s municipal history, family heritage, etc.  These records will be further protected as a microfilm copy will be stored in an underground storage facility out of the area in the event of some catastrophic event resulting in the loss of the originals.

Preservation costs vary depending upon the number of pages, age of the record, type of ink used, etc., but Brown’s River – the preservationist specialists – have quoted $1500 per volume as an expected cost.

Groups or individuals are strongly urged to consider making a donation to the Preserving the Past for Tomorrow project.  Donors will be acknowledged by the City Council and donors of $500 or more will have a book dedicated on their behalf.  Donations are tax deductible.

A brochure and donation form can be downloaded here.

For further information about this unique project, please contact the City Clerk’s office at 781-7104.

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