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Credit and Debit Cards Now Accepted at City's 3 Parking Structures

Post Date:06/01/2017 3:56 PM

Credit and debit cards will now be accepted at each of the City’s three parking structures.

The City began a pilot program to accept cards at the 919 Palm Street parking garage at the end of 2016. The City then refined the process and allowed for card payments at the two remaining parking structures (871 Marsh Street and 842 Palm), beginning June 2017.

All three structures accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards.

Booth attendants will continue to staff the structures for those customers who prefer to pay with cash. Having card capability is expected to speed up the process, eliminating the need for customers to search for cash in their cars or have to fill out an IOU if they do not have cash on hand.

Funds collected at the parking structures are used for parking-related costs in the city, including repair or replacement of existing structures, lots and parking meters as well as enforcement and office staff that provide parking services on behalf of the city.

Parking rates apply during these hours:


  • Marsh Street
    • 8am – 10pm on Monday-Wednesday,
    • 8am-11pm Thursday-Saturday; and
    • 1pm-6pm on Sunday
  •  842 Palm and 919 Palm Street Structures
    • 8am- 7pm on Monday-Wednesday
    • 8am-11pm  Thursday- Saturday, and
    • 1pm – 6pm on Sunday.


The first hour is free, then the rate is $1 per hour. Booth attendants are on duty beyond the hours listed above, but the amount owed for parking does not accrue past the hours listed.