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Islay Hill Path Maintenance - COUNCIL NOTE

Pathway maintenance project completed

Post Date:05/11/2017 3:11 PM

The City recently completed work on the Islay Hill Pathway Maintenance project. The project consisted of pathway resurfacing at Islay Hill Park. Two separate types of resurfacing treatments were used. For those pathways which were in medium or fair condition, the resurfacing consisted of the application of a seal coat, similar to what might be performed in a parking lot. The seal coat, which consists of a blend of oil and sand, will protect the asphalt surface. Applying a seal coat to a pavement surface is a cost effective preventive maintenance approach of extending the life of the pavement.

For pathways that are in poor condition, a more robust and more sustainable pavement rehabilitation method was used that recycles and re-uses the existing pathway material. The existing pathway was ground into a mixture of gravel, sand, and old asphalt. The ground material was then blended with cement and re-compacted in place to form a new path base. Finally, a new surface of asphalt concrete was placed over the cement-treated base material. This rehabilitation method has been used in the past reducing the need for additional natural resources.

Contractor: S. Chavez Construction, Inc.

Project Cost: $39,720.00

Funding: Capital Outlay Funds and Revenue Enhancement Funds

Engineering Project Manager: Dan Van Beveren

Engineering Inspector: Kyle Rowland

IMG_1067 IMG_1077


Before4 After4

Before5 After5

BEFORE                                                                    AFTER