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Council approves pilot program to reduce noise complaints by allowing party hosts to register events with the police department in advance

Post Date:04/06/2017 10:26 AM

On Tuesday night, the Council approved a pilot program that would allow party hosts to register their events in advance encouraging responsible management of parties and enhancing neighborhood wellness.


Under the pilot program, residents register their event with the police department at least one week in advance of the planned party. (A photo ID is required, and hosts must be at least 18 years old.)


If a neighbor levies a noise complaint, the dispatch center will then place a call to the registered party host, informing them of the complaint. The registered party will then have 20 minutes to end the noise and avoid a visit from police. That warning can help the hosts to avoid potentially costly fines, end noisy parties more quickly and reduce subsequent complaints.


If the registrant fails to end the noise within 20 minutes and a second complaint is made, police will be dispatched, and a citation will be issued upon verification of the noise without any additional warnings.


Those who do not register their party will receive no warning before police are dispatched and citations are potentially issued.


The Police Department will manage the program, and registration forms will be submitted at the Records counter, then reviewed and approved or denied by the Neighborhood Outreach Manager, who will also monitor noise complaints and collect data.


The program will begin for the events the first weekend of May. The Neighborhood Outreach Manager will work with the student affairs offices of Cal Poly and Cuesta College to disperse program information. Social media, hard copy flyers, e-blasts and media ads will also be used.


The Neighborhood Wellness program, which has been a major City goal for two budget cycles, was created to address neighborhood concerns. Several City Neighborhood Wellness initiatives have increased quality of life and decreased noise complaints.


CONTACT: Deanna Cantrell, Police Chief, (805) 781-7020,