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Utilizing Preventative Maintenance to Prevent Sewer Backups

Post Date:03/17/2017 10:38 AM


Have you seen this truck around the City of San Luis Obispo? This Vac Con Combination Truck helps the City prevent or limit sewer system backups and overflows by regularly cleaning and performing maintenance on wastewater infrastructure.   

On the front of the truck is a hose reel with 600 feet of ¾ inch hose used for jetting.  Jetting is a sewer cleaning process where high-pressure water (3000 PSI) is pushed through a pipeline, flushing grease, roots, and debris from inside the sewer main downstream. The nozzle propels itself up the sewer main, cleaning as it inches forward, and is manually returned back by the hose reel attached to the front of the truck. If there are larger roots or other materials that cannot be broken down enough to continue to flow downstream, the vacuum is set at a manhole up to pull the excess debris out.

Vacuuming is a sewer cleaning process that involves pulling sludge and other materials out of the collection system and disposing of them in a sludge tank located on the back of the truck. After a day’s work, the truck dumps any collected debris out of the truck at the City’s Water Resource Recovery Facility where it is dried and disposed of.

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